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  1. Hi! I hope you’ve heard by now. Sorry I’m just seeing this message. I think it took around 2 mos before I heard back and it was Pre-COVID. 😊
  2. Hi! I heard from cssw-admit@columbia.edu
  3. Have you heard from them? I was shocked to receive an admit letter today!
  4. I received the email too. I thought I was forwarding it to my partner, but instead I replied to the email saying- it doesn’t matter now anyways! I feel horrible about it. So embarrassing! I would of course love to still be admitted, but I’m pretty sure I shot myself in the foot by doing that!
  5. I emailed cssw-admit@columbia.edu. I hope that you get accepted to your dream school 😊
  6. I was supposed to hear back by April 19th. They said they’re still working on applications and they’d let me know within a couple of weeks. 😥
  7. Congrats! I agree that it is important to feel like you're a part of the schools community. It sounds like you made a really good decision. 😊
  8. Same! Did they email you back? I emailed last week and they said they are still working on getting back to people.
  9. Hello, I am wondering if anyone plans on attending Ohio State in August or if anyone has attended the program. Would love to know your thoughts! Pros and Cons.
  10. Hello fellow social workers! I’m wondering if anyone is going to Ohio State or Pacific University. Please let me know. Thank you 😊
  11. Congrats!!! Thank you for letting me know😊
  12. I was waitlisted on March 21st and told that I would hear from them mid-April. It is a weird feeling. I am also wondering if anyone has been accepted after being waitlisted.
  13. Yes. 😢 It’s disappointing. I guess I’m glad to have heard something. I’ve been anticipating an answer. I really hope you get in! 🤞🏽
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