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  1. I would love to have this! I can make one if it hasnt been made yet
  2. It means you are on the waiting list
  3. Did anybody save people's reviews of each university and their MSW program?
  4. I can confirm that this is 100% true. It's the WORST way to do us, especially during these times. When this is all over and I find out my status, I am going to complain. How does every other uni send out waitlist letters? WE ARE GETTING YORK'D Y'ALL
  5. Has anyone taken SWRK 2000 at Windsor university?
  6. Anybody know of a good STATS course to take that's not heavily math related? I need this for my Waterloo MSW!!
  7. Got this from york: Although York University classes are online and buildings are closing, the university will stay open and the admission process will continue as normal. Please use York University website which will provide the most recent information moving forward. In general the applicants are notified late March and into April. I would encourage you to keep checking your MyFile account for any updates. The process will conclude at the end of May. Any applicant who was not accepted can reach out to the school or department to receive some feedback on why it may not have been accepted. I hope this helps and stay safe! Pip
  8. Can you tell me more about the course? I am really bad at math LOL
  9. Just got my offer to Waterloo! Does anyone know of an easy STATS course as I am missing this requirement?
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