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  1. @D BlessI heard Columbia is giving extensions if you ask for it. I personally didn't apply to USF because I didn't meet the qualifications but the program is very rigorous and employable if that's your goal. There's going to be job shortages everywhere due to the virus and it's not like you can't look for jobs in other cities.
  2. @Em31415They've sent out some decisions based on the results page in late march and early april. Did you get an interview?
  3. To those who got into Northwestern MSiA, what is the deadline they gave for accepting the offer? April 15/16?
  4. I was also admitted and will not attend due to cost. Masters programs are generally expensive but Duke's is on the high side in terms of tuition.
  5. @freezing_beachesI think you would better luck posting in the CS subforum
  6. @su1234I'm international but Duke's tuition for this program seems to be the same for Domestic or International. I'm personally would not take out a loans unless it's an amount I can pay back quickly. I don't want debt to dictate my decision making when it comes to post grad employment.
  7. @su1234Their first class hasn't graduated yet so there's no data. I'm in the same boat, I can't afford this program without financial aid and it doesn't seem like I'm getting any.
  8. I think it depends on the program, some Stats masters programs are research/thesis based as preparation for Ph.D., but applied Stats program are pretty programming intensive not much different than DS/Analytics programs other than the name. For instance, this Duke Statistical Science program's DS/Analytics track seems requires courses in both R and Python and encourages C++ as well. I've read anecdotally from other forums that some employers look down on DS/Analytics degrees compared to Stats/CS but I don't know if there's much truth to that.
  9. @su1234 interesting, my offer letter makes no mention of financial aid. It sounds like they are giving you some funding, but I think it can't hurt to email the department and ask if that's the case
  10. @dsscreenameah okay, I applied to MIDS. I took a quick look, I must say I should've applied to this one instead of MIDS lol. I've read on random forums that a CS or Stats degree holds more water than Analytics or Data Science so take that for what it's worth.
  11. I think on the application Columbia MSDS says they don't offer funding
  12. @su1234 Did you get offered funding?
  13. I'll add a few points for Columbia since I'm bored: Program tuition cost is ~10k lower than NU's (assuming no funding for either). Longer Capstone and Internship (4 month for each as opposed to only 10 weeks). More flexible curriculum; with NU's program you can only pick one elective. If you want to do business or finance New York and Chicago is a pretty big gap. NU's curriculum seems to cover a lot of topics, which makes me question how in depth each topic will actually be covered
  14. @hoops77wI applied to both NU (waitlisted) and Columbia DS (haven't heard anything so likely a reject). My background is non-DS/Analytics so I would've picked NU since the program fits my profile better as they don't seem to care too much about your technical foundation. I also don't care too much about being in New York (or location in general) since I have no interest in working in finance. Edit: Although Columbia's tuition is lower and the program is shorter in duration with a longer internship, if money matters at all.
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