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  1. I believe you could, especially if you were interested in astrobiology. It depends on school of course, but those that would allow it would likely need you to make up classes you didn't get in your undergrad to build a basis for the astronomy route.
  2. Got the unofficial acceptance notice for NCSU from my POI today! However, I'm not sure how to make a decision on schools without visits during these campus shutdowns...
  3. Thanks for your response. Good luck with your remaining applications! I live right by Ohio State actually!
  4. Applied to M.S. programs; was accepted into UNC - Chapel Hill (on March 6th) but still waiting on ASU and NCSU. Anyone else heard back from ASU or NCSU?
  5. My comment is less relevant to you as I am only applying to master's programs but I got a 149/153 on my verbal and quantitative and a 4.5 on writing. I decided to give it a shot at applying to grad school a little late so I only had one chance at the GRE and not much time to prepare. It was depressing when I received my scores but I still somehow got into my top choice, UNC - Chapel Hill. Frankly, I wouldn't say my GPA was very impressive either. But like Megalodon said above, a strong relationship with my potential advisor was really what got me there. I've learned that it really depends on s
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