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  1. I'm a local student. The interview was good to be honest, as long as you have the life and career experience you can leverage those as answers for their questions, you'll do fine. And yes, I got the acceptance but went with UofT's MHI program. I believe I got interviewed either Feb or March, can't fully remember. All the best
  2. Hi there, when I've applied to the program last year, I believe they've admitted 40+ students. They don't really release the number of applicants like UofT does. And yes, it can definitely get competitive.
  3. Yes, I got McMaster and UofT acceptance. I chose UofT! Has anyone started a Facebook page for incoming students?
  4. @MacSci @julett I just created one! https://www.facebook.com/groups/164905148063676/ Hope to connect you with guys on the facebook group!!
  5. As for Waterloo applicants, they've sent out a mass email saying this, "The School of Public Health and Health Systems has received an exceptional number of competitive applications this year. We are continuing to review applications and expect that you will receive a decision by May 1. We thank you for your patience as we navigate this new work environment."
  6. Question: does anyone know how much is the tuition fee (domestic students) per year?
  7. Yay! congrats @MacSci and @julett! I got mine this morning as well
  8. Yay congrats @Slothy42 :D @raptors I saw you're also a part of MHI UofT 2020 forum, just curious, which one are you going to pick?
  9. Hey no official offers yet, based from the response I got from Iris last week, it might be in the next week or so. It's now up to Graduate studies office to process our offers, which might be delayed due to COVID-19.
  10. Hi guys, I've emailed Zoe about the early offers and the status of my application, but she replied with "Please note that we have only sent out a few early offers and will be contacting most candidates in April. There will most likely be delays because of the current situation." Hope that helps!
  11. Hey, I've read somewhere in this forum that they'd keep doing interviews till March 27th. Try to email them for any update! And congrats on your acceptance at Guelph!
  12. Haha I don't wanna assume anything at this point! I'm on the same boat as well, but my thinking is that if your requirements are sufficient (which should be as you were interviewed lol) it shouldn't be a problem? Hey, are you waiting for interview schedule or post-interview response? I just emailed her through the same email address that she has been responding to us with (she usually replies fairly quickly). In the previous email, it says you can call and leave a message. Hope that helps!
  13. Hi, I did a skype interview last Tuesday and I had to reach out to Iris to ask for an update. She's sent me an email on Monday saying that I'm recommended for admission to Grad studies office, so it's not official yet. And she said, messaging are delayed due to COVID-19 along with this side note: "Messaging has been delay but no one has received their official offer. They were just notified that they were being recommended and an offer would be forthcoming." Hopefully that helps!
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