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  1. Hey everyone, So my future plans changed and I want to peruse PhD in biology or genetics. But I am not sure if I should wait a year to expend my resume or just try and apply this upcoming cycle. My stats as follow: 1. Major in bio ( 3.75ish gpa) 2. Multiple years on dean's list, some honors award 3. Peer TA for 1.5 years 4. Have different interesting activities ( open non profit after high school, work in interesting jobs, currently have a business, etc) 5. Research: Year and 3 months in biomedical lab, 2 years in computational/genetics lab, 3 month internship
  2. Hey everyone!! I contact Harvard RSI, and they will start sending interviews this week or next. So no one is rejected yet! Yay
  3. From my understanding, they start the interview process in Mid to end of March and the decisions are made in April - but this is a speculation , I read some post online. There website says that decisions are made in March/April. I think I will email them again, just so I know if I was rejected
  4. Same, I emailed Harvard in middle of March and they said nothing is changed at that time.. So i wondering if I should email them again and ask ..
  5. Guys, do you think its wise ( or recommended) to email programs and ask for status update?
  6. Hey everyone !! I am very happy to find this thread. Is anyone heard from Harvard ? I email them a while back ( when carona just started) and they said nothing will get postponed, i was wondering if it still the case. Did anyone had an interview ? or heard anything?
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