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  1. Hi everyone! I am attending UNC in the fall for a Master's in Media and Communications. I'm looking for apartment search recommendations, since I'm an international student —not really familiar with the housing market in the US. - What do you know about the graduate student housing (Baity Hill/Mason Farm)? Anyone would recommend that? I've seen some old posts on this topic but they aren't too insightful. - Any apartment complexes that rent by room or which offer a 1B/1BR or studio for around 800$? - Any advice on where to look for apartments/roomates? Facebook groups, websites, anyt
  2. Yeah, I've been talking to both faculty and current/former students at the three places and the three programs are good fits for what I want to do, so that's why I think I'll go for the most appealing + affordable location. Wherever I go, I'll probably try to find an on-campus (part time) job to get some extra money. Anyway I've thought of putting up to 650 for housing, in case I want to live alone, and putting 250 on food I'd still have around 600 dollars for other expenses. Is that doable in Bloomington? Regarding the loan, I'm looking into my options. It's not at all common to ask l
  3. Hi! Thanks for your reply. Yes, I'd get around 1500 $ per month at Chapel Hill or Indiana, and around 1700 $ at Syracuse. Also, I've just gotten information from Chapel Hill that I don't get financial help, so I would have to consider getting a tuition loan for around 5000 $. IU has a program that I really like but, still, the not-being-well-known thing is kind of frightening, since I don't know what I want to do afterwards. My main idea was to work as a multimedia/journalist web producer after the program. I guess Syracuse has more connectons for the NY area; Chapel Hill for the DC area a
  4. Hi all, I'm a prospective international graduate student in the US; last year I was awarded a scholarship to do a Master's in Multimedia Communications (Interactive/Visual Documentary Production) for the upcoming fall. I've applied to several universities and I've been admitted to all of them. I'm having real trouble to choose between them, since I like all of the programs and they are very strong. Here I express my thoughts on each of them, in hopes someone who knows the schools or the campuses can offer me some insight. UC Berkeley I would have to ask for a loan at least for
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