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  1. 3st3rb

    NDSEG 2020 20201

    I don't know that it's written outright but it's implied IMO that you're going to be working on the topic. We're paired with mentors from the DoD branch funding us and we meet with them quarterly. We had to submit a 1 pg abstract of our work and my mentor does the exact same niche work so it'd be awkward to have a really specialized mentor and then work on something less relevant to what they do. So far, there haven't been specific timelines for deliverables but that may change as my mentor and I begin to actually interact. All that said, the four of us in my dept that were selecte
  2. 3st3rb

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    I emailed them about it a couple weeks ago and our homeboii Rob Ross said they'd reach out when they needed them so I think we jus sit tight.
  3. 3st3rb

    NSF or NDSEG?

    I wasn't awarded the NSF but I want to mention a couple things: - Do you have an idea of who your advisor might be? If so, you may want to ask them about their general policy re:internships. I've come across many professors, mine included, who don't allow or encourage their students to have internships. Specially the first couple of years. So you might want to ask them as this may eliminate the internship issue. - Depending on the circles you run (or will be running) in the NDSEG may carry more prestige. It certainly does in mine, though my work since UG (and in industry) has been ve
  4. 3st3rb

    NSF GRFP 2019-2020

    1st yr PhD EE, honorable mention. (Awarded NDSEG though) ------- 1. E/E Summary: The research topic is thoroughly covered, with background, research plans, and objectives clearly specified. Letter of recommendations really highlight the student's strengths and qualities. Stellar performance specifically with [outreach targeted towards] under represented minorities. 2. E/VG Summary: I believe that the candidate is in a strong position to undertake such a challenging problem. She has access to the required lab space and resources at the institute. She has laid down an a
  5. 3st3rb

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    They're also expanding this, I think. If you look on the Sysplus site's description, it says up to 500 fellowships. I don't think that was in place for this year because it definitely said 200 when we all applied.
  6. 3st3rb

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    I moved it but then i couldn't see it so I just added _successful at the end for now.
  7. 3st3rb

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    Mine says selected.
  8. 3st3rb

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    This. My advisor and I are in the exact same boat.
  9. 3st3rb

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    Well LMK if you do. I'll contribute my stuff.
  10. 3st3rb

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    I'd be down to share essays. Though I wouldn't want to just post it here. So maybe a google drive folder people have to ask to join or something.
  11. 3st3rb

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    One way I've heard the outcomes described is that NSF awards the person and NDSEG awards the project.
  12. 3st3rb

    NDSEG 2019-2020

    Idk keep hope! I got a NSF HM and I'll have you know my UG/Grad GPAs are going to be outliers on that table if and when I add them.
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