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  1. Yes, I checked with them, they'll hold my seat at most for one year
  2. I got into Rutgers and I'll choose to defer. Cuz I'm an international student also have full time job. Online is not applicable for me at all. Everyone's situation is not the same here I guess..
  3. Hi I haven't heard updates after I accepted the offer. My program sent me a facebook group to join but no updates there as well. I feel like we might need to do online course but just my own guessing.
  4. Thanks for sharing!!! Actually, I just got the respond from them, it's a rej. I accepted the offer from Rutgers. But I think due to the virus, we're unable to enroll this Fall. Good luck with your future applying!! I think you have a good attitutes towards the outcomes and the changes, you would get the best for you eventually!!
  5. Are you also waiting for waitlist movement from UT Austin? SAME FOR ME!! I contacted them twice but no repply... Don't what to do...
  6. Anyone else like me got waitlisted by Moody college of communication UT austin? It's said the students who get the answer would give the answer before Apr. 1st. But didn't get any notifications since then. I also got the offer from Rutgers but this one is a dream program.... Waiting is consuming everybody knows that :(((
  7. I got the rej. from this program. I guess you need to log into your app. system to see if you missed any materials then email them. Good luck
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