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  1. Hi, all. I have recently been admitted to TAMU stats PhD. While I am planning to decline the offer, they said that it was possible to get a fee reimbursement by filling out a form. The problem is that the form they gave me (W-8BEN) is extremely complicated (I need to fill out another form and get something called tax identification number...) and I am not sure whether it is worth the effort. The application fee was $114; not small, but also not very large. I would appreciate any sort of advice. Thanks!
  2. Only had 1 interview myself (which seemed result in a silent rejection), but I found the following link extremely helpful. Wish you the best! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1epem4r5loco8ZZwJNodjZun2JReXNXIm0RiTPBeiq6s/edit
  3. From the 3 sample results, my guess is that UW sent admissions to some American applicants. It seems that they tend to do an interview for the international students. Hoping for the best..!
  4. Thanks for the fast advice! My professor in Korea told me to focus more on mathematical and theoretical backgrounds, rather than researching at a low level, and maybe that's why I started researching late. Do you think applying a year later, with more research experience and a publication or two enhance my chances significantly? Thanks again for replying!
  5. Hi, everyone. I'm applying for statistics PhD programs for 2021 fall, and would greatly appreciate any advice! Research Interests (currently a little broad): - Methology and applications on social science data; especially economical and political data - Financial mathematics (from a stats related view; volatility and uncertainty) Undergraduate Institution: Best stats program in Korea Major: Statistics + Mathematics (A minor in Financial Economics) GPA: 4.01/4.3 (converted to approximately 3.85/4) Type of Student: International Asian Male Relevan
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