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  1. The problem is that if I mention finishing my grad-level coursework, they'll want transcripts. It will be hard getting them from my university...
  2. Thank you for such a detailed response! 2) Unfortunately, I've never even seen their previous supervisors and I know nothing about them. 3) AFAIK, they are all PhD students. 4) That's actually a good idea. I'll try that. 5) Neither of them are faculty at the moment. 6) I've never lied and I'm not planning to. I am just worried about how I should explain this situation and about whether I should bring it up. The question you mentioned implies disciplinary expulsion, and my situation is very different...
  3. I did my BSc in the same institution. I'm sorry if that 'third world' thing sounded offensive. I reallly just wanted to provide some context. I assume I shouldn't mention the fact that I finished my grad-level courses with top GPA? How should I phrase it? Will it be better if I just say that I have 2 additional years of lab experience? Or should I just leave an unexplained 2-year gap in my resume?
  4. What about industry chemists? Would their rec letters be acceptable? Looks like I'm screwed regardless of what I do, right?
  5. I had graduated before with my BSc. But, as I said, I was expelled from my master's program.
  6. To set the scene, I'm from a pretty much third world country, so I guess this story isn't all that surprising. I'm applying to STEM PhD programs in the US. The thing is, I had a quarrel with my research supervisor right before graduating with my MSc. As a result, I was expelled (even though I was top of my class and my thesis was ready). I can't go into details to stay anonymous. I can only tell that the lab in which I was working was beyond abusive. Afterward, I collaborated with some friends and published a couple of papers. Is that OK if I request LORs from them? They are only grad st
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