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  1. thanks for the replies! Yeah I attend a top 3 Canadian school. Canadian PhD programs (with the exception of UofT) requires a master degree. Having taken so many master courses already I prefer direct entry to PhD hence why I am not applying to UBC/McGill.
  2. Also I got 166 instead of 164Q haha do you recommend schools like UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Columbia?
  3. Thanks for the reply!!! i was thinking the GRE would be weighted less this year due to the Covid situation and the unfairness of the test-at-home situation. The GRE is a pain for me to write haha.. anyways thanks for the advice and best of luck to you for your applications!!!
  4. Type of Student: International (Canadian) Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Canadian University Majors: Honours program in Comp Sci. + Stats Minor: Physics GPA: 3.75 GRE: 160V/164Q/4.5 Research Experience: 3 REU's, two of which resulted in honours theses (one CS thesis and one Stats thesis). Although I have no publications, one of the REUs resulted in a paper that is currently being worked on and will probably be submitted post-application, if that matters. Also, I wrote a "project paper" that uses tools from stochastic PDE's, analysis, and topology to prove the
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