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  1. Thanks for your initiative BTF! How would you compare Carleton, UoT and uOttawa from the perspective of an international student? I feel like the co-op element would be a very important consideration here given that it would be one of the main entry points into the market. Also in terms of courses, which university would be better suited for a more finance-management-development-policy with a greater focus on preparing one with skills to enter the workforce than research and academia? (this is also given my apprehension of the federal government not being as receptive to non-citizens) Whi
  2. Hi everyone, been lurking for a bit in preparation for fall 2021's application cycle for the MGA at Munk, NPSIA and GSPIA for their international affairs programs. Thanks to all of you who have posted insightful information regarding the whole process! A little background about me before i ask my question - i'm an Indian national, a law graduate and am currently working with a UN organisation in India. What are the employment opportunities accorded to international students in the government, especially if considering NPSIA or GSPIA, which I gather are more government-employment oriented
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