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  1. Despite the difficulties, I still need to follow the instruction. I used a single motivation letter for the two universities, however I clearly stated my first and second choice in my letter.
  2. I will make further research.. Thanks for sharing this
  3. This is indeed an outstanding profile. I would appreciate if you can give tips about other scholarships (I already know about Chevening and I’m not interested) but the Denmark, CEU and Holland would be highly appreciated.
  4. Yeah. I graduated in 2019 and started my youth service in same year in Lagos State House of Assembly, thus it’s automatic a year experience. I applied to Willy Brandt and University of Passau as first and second choice respectively
  5. This is really awesome! you really have an outstanding profile and I assume that was the major reason you were shortlisted for the first stage of the selection. I hope this year will come with more success and we shall positively achieve our aims. However, I also applied for Willy Brandt with a degree in Political Science (3.3/4.0) and a year working experience with Lagos State House of Assembly (a provincial legislative assembly in my home country, Nigeria). Also I’ve two years of voluntary service before graduation. I’m just being positive with the Willy Brandt decision but if it’s othe
  6. I’m also one of the applicants. I applied to Willy Brandt and University of Passau
  7. I heard from one of the student that DAAD awarded 11 scholarships to Willy Brandt in 2020.
  8. Willy Brandt stated that successful candidates will be contacted by end of September or early October. I don’t know about other universities
  9. Willy Brandt School of Public Policy
  10. Any thread for DAAD PPGG 2021 application
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