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  1. Hi all, So the latter part of last year I took part in the Risk & Compliance P2 Fit pool assessment. I didn't pass the French test so I was not invited for the final interview. However, I took part in IOM pathways pool assessment for Resource Management Officer P3 in December of the same year (2020). I was successful and was included in the pool in January 2021. For IOM, they do send expression of interest frequently. I expressed an interest for Finance Officer P3 in Gaziantep Turkey in April. I received an appointment offer on 18th May 2021. I start on 14th June. For those
  2. Congrats. It's been a very long journey 🤠. Hope you get offers very soon.
  3. I also noticed a status date change on 16th October but yet to hear from them.
  4. @matunsHave you heard anything from Devex since the language test? Thanks
  5. Hi guys I received an email today from Devex inviting me for a language test for risk and compliance officer P2. Can anyone share his experience regarding the language test? Just a general information on the nature of the test will be okay I also completed pre-interview for budget & programming officer P2 yesterday. Anyone in a similar situation?
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