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  1. I didn't get in to JJ PhD program, which is a let down, but that was a stretch and one of my professors for the LoR went MIA, but I got into University of Maryland! So now it's decision time between Northeastern University and University of Maryland! I hope everyone gets decisions soon!
  2. I'm curious, too. The director at Northeastern said this app cycle was "ridiculously competitive" for the PhD program. They usually receive 50 applications and this year received 100+. It was a combo of people going back to school after losing their jobs due to Covid and the GRE being waived.
  3. Congratulations on your acceptance to Indiana University-Bloomington! Good luck on your other programs!
  4. I applied to three schools and was wondering if anyone has heard back from yet. I've heard back from Northeastern University and was accepted into their Master's program. Still waiting to hear back from John Jay (PhD program), and University of Maryland (MS). Also just curious to hear where people applied!
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