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  1. Hi Everyone! I was recently accepted into University of South Carolina's PhD program in criminology & criminal justice. They offered me full tuition and funding (18K a year)as well as a RA/TA position. I'm super excited and feel very blessed, but I'm starting to have some doubts. I've had some professors tell me that I should just try applying again next year to more programs to get into a "better" school. I know USC isn't as highly ranked as a lot of other crim programs, but they specialize in what I want to do (program evaluation/correctional programming). Has anyone att
  2. @Sunshine04 I'm sorry about UCI but UCF is amazing and that's a huge accomplishment 🙂 congratulations!!
  3. full time and waitlisted too from John Jay. I wonder how many are on the waitlist?? :') But congrats to everyone!!
  4. @nerdyjilly yes I definitely noticed you at the meeting last week haha. Seems like there's a really cool, accomplished group of people waiting to get accepted And thank you!! It sucks, but this admissions cycle was brutal. (Also, I reached out to both Northeastern and FSU for feedback on my application after I was rejected and I was shocked to receive responses from both of them! FSU was a lot nicer and actually went in detail. Northeastern sort of just said they couldn't comment directly but they insinuated that my research interests weren't a good fit with their program which w
  5. I have my interviews for JJ lined up for next week! However, I was just notified that I was rejected from Florida State University which was my dream school :( That's alright, everything happens for a reason! Will most likely be attending University of South Carolina's program! Good luck to everyone else waiting for decisions and congrats to everyone who got into schools so far!!!
  6. thank you @nerdyjilly !!!! and you never know about JJ honestly,I had a feeling they were gonna send the emails out not at once since 4 different people need to coordinate interviews and it's not as straightforward as having everyone come down for a weekend. Good luck and I'm so happy they reached out to you!!! and good luck @Sunshine04! I really hope UCIrvine gets back to you with good news :))
  7. Also applied to Criminal Justice/Criminology Programs for fall '21! I applied to Northeastern, John Jay, University of South Carolina, and Florida State University. So far I've been rejected from Northeastern, accepted to The University of South Carolina, and I have an interview for John Jay. FSU is my dream school though so I really want to hear back from them!
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