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  1. The seminar is today Friday, 22nd (7pm EST). I am planning to attend. I would like to get a better insight on how the process is going, how and when we get notified if we get the associated fellowship instead of the full one. I'd say attend if you have questions.
  2. Hey! it depends. According to the GEM Fellowship website: "Employer-sponsored PhD Fellows are required to intern with the selecting Employer Member at least one summer prior to the commencement of GEM Funding. Employer-sponsored MS Fellows are expected to intern every summer after their selection until completion of MS degree requirements." https://www.gemfellowship.org/students/gem-fellowship-program/ So, PhD students may be REQUIRED to work 1 summer, yet Master students will be required to work 2 summers, since most of these companies are basically training you for you to join them aft
  3. Hi everyone! I'm just passing by with some info, in case that is of use for you. I spoke to a GEM representative, inquiring about the status for the fellowship and any updates. I was told that because of COVID, the process may be delayed a bit more, and they would expect to continue reviewing applications until mid March or so. If you have already been accepted to a university, and haven't been reach out by an employer, you can contact the university's GEM representative and ask if the university would be willing to sponsor you through the GEM fellowship. This could also set a path for
  4. Congrats!! Did you receive this notification via email or in the egem portal? I’m still in a “matched” status, and getting a bit worried now 😅. Do you mind sharing how was the process when they contacted you to accepting the offer? Thank you!
  5. I would assume the GRE data is to make sure you take it, so you can get into grad school. Yet, i don't think that's what employers would be looking at. Since, you are matched, GEM already thinks you are a good candidate. I figure your official transcript and GRE scores will be due once you get an offer.
  6. That's awesome! It's good to hear that companies are still working on the selection process. I am still "Matched" and i have been like that for a while, I thought most companies would resume after the holidays. But, good luck to you!
  7. That's awesome, congrats! This shows how the process is very different for each employer. While some companies already had their interviews, others are just starting to review their applications. I am also in a "Matched" status. I hope we start hearing from them soon!
  8. Congrats!!! Oh wow that was quite fast! As DC_ said, I would include in your application, either in your essay or in the supplemental that you already got an offer from a GEM employer. I would also call admissions once you send in your application to make sure they know you already got an offer from an employer, and if accepted to the university, you would most likely get the full GEM fellowship. If you are an incoming PhD student, I assume you would know whom you would start your lab rotations with (so reach out to that professor or PI) and let them know as well, maybe they have an easier way
  9. My status as of now is "Matched". But previously, I went from "matched" for a week to "unmatched" for two days, and then back to "matched" again. So, it is changing quite often. Don't worry about it, all employers have access to your application and they are reviewing them. The fact that they are reviewing them does not change your status. I think GEM only suggests applicants to companies when they see keywords in your application that match what an employer may look for. However, you may get reached out by companies that you didn't list in your top 3, and even companies that do not curre
  10. I saw that too. So far, I have only matched with my top 3 options. My status also went again from "unmatched" to "matched"
  11. Oh! yes i got this email. Thank you so much for posting it anyways.
  12. I also went from "matched" to "unmatched" today. I was matched for a week or so. Also, I haven't received any email about disregarding the employer status. However, i think the status of our possible employer doesn't provide any real information to us. I've read past forums, where people went from held for a month to unmatched, while someone went from unmatched to get an offer right away. I believe we just have to sit tight and wait until we get reached out by companies, or reach out to them if you want a specific employer to look at your application. I think it is worth keep updating each oth
  13. Yes! two days ago they disabled the eye icon so we cannot see what company we are matched to. I think they realized as we were not supposed to see whom we match until they reach to us. And, same! now I just check like once a day to see if my status changes from matched to held.
  14. If I were you, I would contact the GEM representative at that university and figure out if you will get sponsored with the GEM fellowship. If you do, I think it would be great if you reached out employers now with a university acceptance. I think your chances of getting an internship then would go up!
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