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  1. Dont know if it is Sinai for sure. These 4 criteria are only for screening. You probably got rejected by the Adcom in the next step of reviewing fit (SOP, CV and LORs). Maybe none of the faculty you matched with are taking students this cycle.
  2. With 7 interviews from top programs, you are in a great spot. BTW, I just saw several Harvard BBS acceptance posts in Results today.
  3. I think the sender of this email is insinuating that there is a wait list.
  4. For what it’s worth, UTSW is listed as a top 30-35 program in this poll:
  5. You mean UMBC (Baltimore County)?
  6. which university is UMB?
  7. I think so. Jan 14/15 interviews are among the earliest across programs. Jan28/29 are more “average” in terms of timeframe. Therefore, programs that have 2 interview dates in January can afford to look at applicants of both groups before they extend any offers. Not sure programs that have their first interview on Jan 28/29 or in Feb will wait to complete multiple rounds of interviews before extending any offers. Unless you are an extremely highly regarded program or very small (~ 10 slots), you cannot gain mindshare amongst the top candidates unless you make offers to them by 1st week in Feb.
  8. Did they have another interview date on Jan 21/22? If so, they might wait to get interview feedback on that group as well and send offers to some from the combined group and wait until the final interview date to decide on the remaining.
  9. Did they have another interview date on Jan 21/22? If so, they might wait to get interview feedback on that group as well and send offers to some from the combined group and wait until the final interview date to decide on the remaining.
  10. Yes but many of them that interviewed may have accepted other offers.
  11. I think you are correct but the tricky part is estimating the "yield" correctly. Due to applicants applying to so many places, I think some programs could get their yield wrong significantly. For example, if there are 20 slots and they extend offers to 40 thinking 50% will accept but only 30% accept, then they have room for 8 off the wait list.
  12. I think there are several on gradcafe who applied to NYU Neuroscience but haven't heard anything. NYU Neuro did send interview invites around Christmas but they are in a dogfight with Columbia, Sinai, UConn, Princeton, Yale, Cornell, UPenn etc. for students and I think they are holding back sending out rejections this year until they are at least past interviews so that they can gauge how many acceptances they will get. Think about it, what do they get by sending out rejections now versus in March? Some universities send out rejections in Dec and early Jan so that the rejected students can app
  13. There are 2 kinds/rounds of wait lists. One is when people reject interviews because they have received too many and some off the wait list will be invited. I don't know how many this year belonged to this kind. The next round where there is movement off the wait lists is when admission offers are declined and those programs cannot fill their slots. Most programs will assume that a certain % of offers will get declined based on past cycles but there is a good chance that those assumptions will prove to be inaccurate due to the unique nature of this cycle. In that case, they might interview and
  14. There is hope because most programs have gotten a lot more applicants than last year and hence review of applications in some places is taking longer. Also, people this year have applied to more programs than prior years because they kept hearing that this cycle is more competitive. Hence, more admission offers will be declined and more people will get in off the wait list. Which programs/universities did you apply to? Are you an American student, International Student studying at a US university or International student studying at international university?
  15. Prior to applying, you may have contacted a specific faculty member who may have supported your application behind the scenes but he/she may not have been among those that interviewed you. In that case, would it still be someone you interviewed with calling you or the person you initially contacted? It could also be the person that called you inviting you to the interview?
  16. It depends on who you are talking to. You will most likely be interviewed by faculty who are conducting research in your area of interest as well as faculty whose research is in a completely different area. Both will want to know a bit about your research but usually the latter won’t spend much time talking about their research. They will mostly tell you things about the town (public transportation, bike friendliness, restaurants, festivals etc) or ask you some of the standard questions like why PhD, why that program/school, what is your career goal etc. You will also get to talk individually
  17. I see...then I think you are probably correct at around 50% but it seems like some departments offer to a higher % of interviewees than others.
  18. I added up the data on Peterson’s, they made 204 offers and 90 matriculated. They make an offer to around 60% of the interviewees. https://www.petersons.com/graduate-schools/university-of-michigan-horace-h-rackham-school-of-graduate-studies-program-in-biomedical-sciences-pibs-000_10028009.aspx looks like there is a large variation across departments on offer and matriculation percentage.
  19. Do you have an idea when Brown will send out decisions to those that interviewed on Friday?
  20. https://medicine.umich.edu/medschool/education/phd-programs/about-pibs they did 341 interviews last year and matriculated 90. What is unknown is how many of the 341 received offers?
  21. Can you please post the link. I couldn’t find that on the PIBS website
  22. I also think 100 interviews is less. I would have expected it to be at least 150. I read somewhere else that most top 20 “large” programs have invited around 12% of their applicants for interview. That supports a number higher than 150.
  23. Remember, UNC gets $150-$200K from application fees.....I am not saying they are blindly encouraging everyone to apply but more the merrier. It can fund administrative positions.
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