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  1. I emailed the department, will see if I get a response. Now it looks like a few rejections have been posted by people who heard from their POI, but still no interview requests.
  2. Yeah also RGGS fellowship. Although, I heard they are not taking very many students this year (COVID/budget) so I don't have high hopes for that one.
  3. Haven’t heard anything from CUNY or Harvard OEB
  4. I think that within EEB there's some flexibility. Some researchers want to study every aspect of a single taxonomic group from ecology to behavior to evolution etc.. (Ex: someone who studies ecology/evolution in frogs). Other people specialize more in processes. Instead of focusing on a single taxa, they use many different species to study an ecological or evolutionary theory (Ex: someone who studies communication strategies in varied taxa such as birds, frogs, whales, bats etc.) For example, if you are interested in "vulnerability of species to environmental change" you may decide to work on
  5. Thanks! Yeah I think they are a little behind the biomedical programs based on my searches through past app cycles on the results page. I think it also varies by program. I think we should start hearing from more places about interviews soon. I think rejections come out a little later.
  6. I've heard back from University of Chicago and USC so far.
  7. Hi EEB folks! I am interested in bird evolution and museum collections. I applied to Harvard OEB, University of Chicago CEB, University of Kansas EEB, CUNY EEB, Fordham, USC & University of Michigan. I've got an interview at University of Chicago, but that's the only place I've heard back from so far.
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