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  1. I got the phone call from POI and several hours later I got the official email from BCS dept.
  2. Yeah I guess it's usually the case that interview happens at the weekend? At least that's the case for my other interviews.
  3. Sure, I am an International Student receiving BS degrees in US and currently a MS student. 3.97 GPA, worked in a neuroscience lab for 3 years, strong LORs, two first-author and two co-author papers in preparation (maybe shouldn't count since has not published yet).
  4. I received a phone call from POI earlier today that I got the interview.
  5. Yeah...I am little disappointed but not too surprised since they said they recruited approximately one international applicant every year.
  6. You are right. Received official rejection letter today..
  7. I saw on the result page that some one got interview invitation from Wisconsin-Madison several days ago. Does anyone who got it could share the interview date? And will they send out more soon?
  8. I received the invitation form UC Berkeley today. This is the only invitation I got at this point.
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