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  1. International student here too so I hear your. I've also seen international students (that aren't me but also my stats aren't as high) be pretty successful despite not having stats as high as yours. A prof once gave a friend who is also applying to PhDs advice explaining not to take rejections personally because sometimes ppl with great stats aren't accepted because of poor fit or lack of funding. I hope you're able to find something in your country or in America.
  2. The Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences program is under the Department of Psychology, so I think they may have different timelines. Congrats on getting the interview invite.
  3. I'm in the same boat. I'm hoping it means that we are still under consideration or waitlisted but I know I'm being overly optimistic.
  4. Did anyone here apply to Drexel Applied Cognitive and Brain Sciences program? If so, have you heard back from anyone yet?
  5. Congratulations on getting an interview invite! I applied to the Neuroscience program, so I was referring to that. I'm going to edit the original post to reflect it. Thanks for the catch.
  6. I saw that someone got an invite from UW - Seattle for Neuroscience. Would you be open to sharing your stats? Also, was it a mass invite or did it seem catered to you (e.g. mentioned your name)? What are the interview dates? And what time did you get it? Thanks in advance! I'm just very anxious cause UW is my top choice.
  7. UW Seattle said they'd release the invites before the 23rd so I'm guessing they will be coming in the next two days. I emailed them a while back and asked.
  8. Congratulations!! That's awesome that you got an interview when you didn't expect it. I feel like those are the best surprises I noticed that you had 6-7 months of lab experience. Do you have any pubs, posters, or presentations? Did you connect with any PIs beforehand? And are you domestic or international?
  9. For those who got an interview letter from UCSF, would you be open to sharing your stats? Are you an international student or domestic student? I haven't gotten a interview or rejection letter. I'm also an international student. I did my undergrad in Canada. I'm also waiting for UPenn and UW Seattle 😔 I'm hoping I still have a chance for UPenn cause I'm international.
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