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  1. That's great!! See you in La Jolla! Are you planning to start in July?
  2. Got it. See you there if you do accept the offer:) I attended the first one. And you?:)
  3. Thanks a lot, guys, for sharing your thoughts about Scripps! I finally accepted the offer. Tomthegreat and sleechem, are you considering accepting to the CA campus?
  4. Thank you, frozonecom and CoordinationChem! Yeah, I understand that Scripps may not fit everyone in terms of research topics, but I thought there might be some other reasons... If it's the only reason for many, it's a relief for me. Thanks again!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm about to accept an offer from Scripps Research, but I want to ask your opinion about this school before. I just don't understand why so few people (in this forum) applied to that school if it's ranked as one of the top schools in chemistry. For example, why did some of you choose UNC or Purdue over Scripps? Can anyone share their opinion on why they decided not to apply to that school?
  6. Has anybody heard back from UT Austin CMB? After submitting a presentation.
  7. Hey NutsaN! Congrats on the PennState interview! I don't think you should worry about school rankings if there are your POIs there... I'm also from a post-soviet country (but the biggest one), and it is my second application cycle. So, as I have been applying for almost two years, this is what I realized: being an international student, you shouldn't expect much from the very top schools (like Ivies and UC's)... Most of them have limited funding for internationals and can accept only a few, if not one, of them (I mean for a particular program). And, of course, they prefer internat
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