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  1. I just got admitted by Western. This is one of the top choices for me (academically). I will have an annual funding of 25000CAD in total. The tuition and fees are to be deducted from this amount. And I also wrote to a few their PhD students. Per their replies, they really lived THRIFTY lives with the funding. What I also knew from their replies is it's not very likely to own a car in Western with the funding. Ontario's auto insurance rates are insanely high. I might need to pay 330CAD monthly premium for my old shabby nissan. But I really don't want to stand there, waiting for a bus in
  2. Hi, guys. I am an applicant to philosophy PhD programs this cycle. I am applying to programs in both America (15) and Canada (3). However, it is not until last week did I know (at least some) Canadian programs have a different funding policy as American programs. In America, the programs usually waive the tuition and health insurance, and grant you 4,5-year funding that's barely enough to support your living, as they decide to admit you. For at least some Canadian programs, however, it seems they do not waive the tuition (though the tuition and insurance are cheap compared with America's)
  3. I generally agree with you. The sharp increase of the number of applicants in each school may attribute to the possible fact that every one is applying to much more schools, for everyone has a lower expectation that she will be admitted. So the overall applicants in the pool might not increase too much. Also, it really takes a long time foe me to prepare the application materials. If one started to prepare the application simply after March due to the pandemic, Idk, it might be too hasty? The biggest threat to me is that many programs suspend or reduce admission this academic year. This d
  4. Oh, you're right. I thought Yale and Princeton are not admitting. Sorry about that.
  5. If my memory serves me well, didn't CMU require GRE this year? Btw, HomoLudens, are the following the schools you are applying to this year? I believe many of them are not admitting funded PhD. UCSD, Princeton, Pitt, Toronto, UT Austin, NYU, Boston University, UCR, UCLA, Cornell, IUB, Georgetown, Notre Dame, Harvard, Vanderbilt, Yale, UNC, UVA, Wisconsin, USC, Boulder, Johns Hopkins, SUNY Stony Brook
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