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  1. PROFILE Type of Undergrad Institution: Small liberal arts college in the Midwest Major(s)/Minor(s): Political science/History Undergrad GPA: 3.87 Type of Grad: n/a (I'm still an undergrad) Grad GPA: n/a GRE: 168 verbal 156 quant, 4.5 writing Any Special Courses: Statistical modeling with R, math up through Calc II (I used to be a math major), accelerated stats sequence, undergrad thesis/capstone Letters of Recommendation: My academic advisor, the department chair, for whom I TAed and researched, and my thesis supervisor Teaching Experience: TAed a first year seminar this past fall Other: Recei
  2. Claiming an admit from the waitlist at UIUC! I'll be accepting the offer shortly. I'm so excited to begin my graduate work and thankful for the chance to do it in a department that's such a good fit for me and my interests.
  3. I received a rejection on March 6. They sent an email indicating that I should check the portal. I (and perhaps others) haven't been very good about logging official rejections after assuming for so long that would be the case.
  4. Accepted at Chicago MAPSS! This is my first admissions offer this cycle; I'm so thrilled and relieved.
  5. Another Chicago reject and a referral to MAPSS! Really thrilled; I would do an MA at Chicago in a heartbeat, if admitted. 0a/1w/7r/4p
  6. I received an email telling me to login to my status page. Really standard form letter.
  7. Rejected from University of Virginia. I'm pretty bummed, but am trying to be patient and keep hope! Congrats to all who were accepted; best of luck! 0a/1w/2r/8p
  8. Also waitlisted at UIUC. Happy to finally hear back!
  9. Also claiming a Wisconsin rejection with no interview. Congrats to all who were admitted! 0a/1r/10p
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