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  1. Got waitlisted to Sinai... which means I am definitely going to Weill Cornell 🥰 DM me if you are also choosing WCGS and want to connect!
  2. Ahhh Congrats!!! May I ask how you were notified? If via email, was it personalized? Thank you and good luck with your decision!!
  3. Sinai's numerous post-interview SURVEY emails are giving me heart palpitations 😦
  4. If you are working as a tech, did you have your PI write you a letter? That would likely hold more weight than one from an undergrad professor you werent close with. I used one undergrad prof who liked a paper I wrote in his class my senior year and then two PIs I worked with/collaborated with as a technician. I think those letters were far more important. [Yes, I had a successful app cycle :)]. Keep your head up! DM me with any other questions, I'd love to help.
  5. I haven't heard anything back and felt like interviews went really well if that makes anyone feel better? I am also kinda confused why we haven't heard anything. I also hope they would let everyone know at once and not just send the acceptances but I have no experience with this so maybe that is not how they would do it
  6. Does anybody know when we can expect to hear back from Mount Sinai (for the Neuroscience MTA)? Or if everyone will hear back at the same time? I feel like nobody mentioned it. Thanks!
  7. I was pretty sure they said they'd let us know within 2 weeks of the interviews which was today. I might be remembering wrong but were you in the January weekend?
  8. Has anyone from the first Weill Cornell Interview dates heard back about an offer? The anxiety
  9. This is not super helpful or specific, but I know that my friend applied to Georgetown for PiBS last year and they were the last school to get back to her for an interview (which she attended). Godspeed!
  10. "Well technically.." I think it's safe to say when I said "Neuroscience" it was very obvious I was referencing the GPN "Graduate Program in Neuroscience" and not either of these other programs which have more words than just "neuroscience" but thanks..
  11. Looks like yesterday if you check results. I saw 3 posts.
  12. Does anyone know if Boston University Neuroscience usually sends out all their interview invites on one day or over a couple days? Thanks!
  13. Unfortunately I would assume so, I have also accepted defeat on that front. I saw a post from someone who emailed the Harvard PiN coordinator and they said all interview invites were sent out before the holidays.
  14. FYI Albert Einstein COM is still sending out interviews on a "rolling basis" as of today!
  15. For the Mount Sinai interview: Can anyone tell me how we are supposed to get to the "scheduling system"? The link in the email just takes me to my application page.
  16. I am in a similar situation, pretty sure that AECOM is looking at applications on a rolling basis whereas Cornell was not (but idrk).
  17. Thank you so much for the response! That makes me feel a lot better because I was definitely on the later side with both app and LORs.
  18. Hey! Do you know the date when you submitted your AECOM app? I am wondering what the rolling basis for interviews will mean for me as I have not heard back yet. Thank you and congrats on the interview!!
  19. Hey, I also have interviews at Sinai and Weill Cornell, and applied to Einstein but have not heard back (I also work there). If you want to DM me, I'd love to connect and know a bit more about your research interests/POIs! Congrats on your interviews!
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