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  1. That’s weird. I am gonna ask grad office then.
  2. Has anyone heard from Stony Brook or UT Austin?
  3. Yes. But I didn't see any update in "click here for the application update"...
  4. FIrst, congratulations! It seems like you are more familiar with Cambridge. And here I can talk about something I know about Scripps. 1) Funding. After first-year rotation, you will formally go to a specific lab, and PI will support you for the last few years. I also overheard something about Scripps was losing money. But as I know, Scripps Florida, unlike its headquarter, is a young place and partly sponsored by Palm Beach County, so maybe this place is more promising. 2) Reputation. Scripps is not as famous as Cambridge. It is only known by people in the biological field. From my pe
  5. Hi, did you get the offer from Scripps Florida? My application status is "Decided", but didn't hear anything about what the decision is.
  6. My status updated to "Decided", but no email.
  7. I found my status updated to "Decided" but no emails came.
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