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  1. Right? I applied December 1st and I'm not even anticipating to hear back from them anytime soon😭. Especially that many students applied before me didn't hear from them yet.😩
  2. I did email them when can I hear back about the results and nothing new, just the same automatic answer as their website.
  3. Hopefully we hear from them soon. I can't stand waiting. 🙂
  4. I totally understand. It's just making everyone nervous 🙁.
  5. Did anyone applied after Nov 16th heard any answer from the school yet?
  6. Congrats congrats😊, hopefully everyone hear only good news. I applied early Dec so probably not gonna hear from them anytime soon.
  7. Hi I did apply early December, I have over 3000 experience but my gpa not that competitive. I keep checking everyday still under review, I'm so nervous 😭 How about you? And when do you think they start sending accepting letter?
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