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  1. I got off the J/I wait list last week and accepted, which means I'm leaving open a spot in P/J.
  2. Hey all! originally I got accepted for both P/J and wait listed for J/I. I just got offered J/I, and I'm going to accept. Which means there's going to be a P/J spot open! Good luck to everyone who hasn't heard.
  3. I just heard back! Basically, I didn't get in for I/S, waitlisted for J/I and accepted to P/J. I've got a little bit of soul searching to do since I/S was my first choice, but I think I'm going to accept!
  4. Thats so frustrating! I hope they hear back sooner, and I hope we all hear back sooner as well.
  5. Me too. I've got my fingers crossed, and I keep refreshing the page and my email. I wish that emailing the department/admissions got more than a copy and pasted response. Just confirmation that they are actually looking at my application and its not just collecting dust or something.
  6. Has anyone heard anything back this last week or this week?
  7. I think someone in this forum said that they had been rejected.
  8. I caved and emailed the department and like someone else said, just got a copy and pasted message, (poorly copied I might add, since the first letter was missing from the message lol) and it was just a blatant lie, since it said that those who applied before/on nov 16th would hear back in march, and here we are, March 31st lol They did said they continue to send things out in April, so we can only hope that they will finish up in the first bit of April and not drag it on. I'm just starting to get disheartened and kind of operating on the assumption that I'm not getting in, but I'd just like to be rejected if they're going to reject me.
  9. Ugh thats so frustrating. I'm glad at least we know now that's not helpful.
  10. I emailed Admissions to ask and they suggested reaching out to the department directly. mtinfo@utoronto.ca, thats the email incase anyone needs it. I'm not sure if I'm going to email them, because I hate bugging people lol but, yeah, just incase anyone wants to. I'm not sure how much it would help anyways.
  11. Honestly, If people who are applying now hear back before me I'll scream lol
  12. Have people been receiving their acceptances/waitlisting etc via email? or is it only through like acorn or the admissions application website?
  13. I got an email from admissions.sgs@utoronto.ca with the subject line "Important: Your UofT JoinID" and it was really easy to set up from there. It walks you through verifying your account, and then you can log into Acorn with that information.
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