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  1. Welp, there is it. Received notification from UChicago - a very kind message stating that while they could not offer a spot in their PhD program, they did refer my application to MAPSS. Fingers crossed for an acceptance and good funding so that maybe I can go!
  2. Thank you those of you who responded to me for the kind words and insight! So, I did not receive an interview from UChicago, but I saw that rejections went out today and I did not receive one either. Anyone else in this boat? I'm thinking this means we may be referred to MAPSS...but there were some notices in the results page indicating some applicants had already been rejected but offered MAPSS spots to some applicants?
  3. Well, my last two programs I'm waiting on are UCLA and UChicago, but it looks like they've both distributed their acceptances already. It's difficult because I'm questioning whether the difficulties of this year played a large role, or if I'm just not good enough for the programs I'm pushing for. A faculty member from my undergrad program is pushing me to try and get into a MA program since there are some still taking applications right now, but I'm honestly financially terrified of terminal MA programs due to their expenses. Is anyone else struggling with what to do moving forward/coming up w
  4. Received my first official decision from UCSD and it was a rejection. Really disappointed and not feeling good because I really felt like this program was such a good fit for myself, my interests and background. Three other programs I applied to sent out interviews, but I didn't get one so I am expecting rejections there as well. Although two of those were my last choices. Banking on my final two programs I applied to, but my confidence is dwindling. This sucks.
  5. I haven't had any interviews yet, but I do currently work for a university and spoke with a couple POI at a university I applied to, prior to applying. Both the school I work for and the school I applied to are in the Midwest and both will be offering a combination of in-person and online classes this fall still. There have also been changes to the academic schedules (i.e., no major breaks to prevent students traveling home and back) that will still be in place this coming fall. This seems to be what most Midwest schools are doing.
  6. Not hearing back and then being asked who I've communicated with in the application made me really nervous... Fingers crossed that this isn't going to mean anything negative for our chances!
  7. I also reached out to a couple faculty at UCLA which is one of my top programs, but did not hear anything back from either faculty member. Definitely a disappointment, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who had this happen.
  8. I also applied to UCSD but have not heard anything back!
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