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  1. Yes. I just helped facilitate one today. It’s more of seeing how well you do and stand out with peers. We want to see how you/if you collaborate with others. If you’re courteous or you dominate the discussions.
  2. I feel like they mean it, but I also feel like it fucks with your head a little.
  3. Ahh yea, now I get it. If you could get a program where it’s 4 years of courses that’d be great. I know some programs will let you add or take additional courses to finish faster. For me I took like 1-2 additional clinical courses on top of my 4-5 school psych courses. It was hella stressful lol but I did it...
  4. For masters/EdS or PhD? masters/EdS normally is 3 years... unless you get tricked into doing the program at San Diego State. There’s is like 4 years. Hella insane. PhD is normally 5-6 years. I’m finishing my 3rd year in my masters/EdS school psych program. Decided I wanted to get a PhD... based on my research on also wanting to become a licensed psychologist, I reviewed requirements etc. And only 3 fields can achieve this clinical, counseling, and/or school psychology. So if you look up PhD programs within those fields you’ll see that time frame. Is there programs that’s onl
  5. Sorry to hear that. I got that email too ;( those are my areas of interest too!! Maybe I was too clinical for them. Definitely ABA focused. Ugh 😓
  6. CSULA will have their interview days on February 26 & March 5. I don’t know the other schools.
  7. That’s good to know. Haven’t heard back from seeing if we can reschedule. Must be a pain to do it. How did the reschedules work for you? Is it now a 1:1 on a different date?
  8. I got invited today to interview at University of Northern Colorado for February 19 (PhD)... but I have an interview scheduled that day already. Hopefully they can arrange something
  9. out of "curiosity" what are some School Psych PhD programs that have application deadlines in February? lol besides Chapel Hill
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