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  1. Graduating with BSW this semester from CSULB. 3.7 GPA Currently work with adults with disabilities as an instructional aide. (2 years with agency, 6 months in the position) Volunteer as a victim advocate on a child abuse response team, responding to cases of child sexual assault (1 year) Applied 11/12 Accepted 2/18, Advanced Standing - Integrated Health
  2. Accepted! I got an email last week that they were missing two of my references. I reached out to those people and they re-submitted them. I got the email last night that my application was complete. This morning I found out I got in!
  3. I finally got the email this morning that my app has been forwarded to the department for review. That took 3 months! At least it’s some progress
  4. Yes please do! I’ll let you know if I hear anything as well
  5. It’s: California Schools of Social Work MSW Applicant Support Group If you search “CSULB” you can see all the people who have posted their acceptance. yes, it’s definitely making me nervous but I feel slightly better knowing I’m not the only one who hasn’t heard anything at all!
  6. No. Nothing at all. people have been getting accepted since the beginning of January. One of my friends got in and there’s a Facebook group where several people have been accepted as well
  7. Mine says: We have received the documents needed to determine your University eligibility. The transcripts will be reviewed and if you meet the minimum requirements, your application will be forwarded to your intended CSULB academic department for their review. Be sure to also check the website of your academic department for any additional required documents that must be submitted directly to them. Continue to check your email regularly for messages from CSULB and please respond promptly. :/
  8. I applied 11/12 and I’ve only gotten the email that they received my app. Nothing about my references or that my app is complete. When I check self-service it says they are still reviewing my transcripts. I called admissions today and they said it must not be updated and that there is no issue with my transcripts. I'm freaking out too!
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