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  1. THANK YOU! Hopefully we hear back from the department soon!
  2. Awesome, thank you! Also, huge congrats on your acceptance! ?
  3. Hi everyone! I appreciate all the support that goes around in this page. I hope everyone hears good news soon from the schools they are currently waiting for! Sending positive vibes your way. & huge congrats to everyone's acceptances! For those who have gotten accepted into UCLA, have you received a letter from the department yet? The letter that was on the portal said "the deadline to accept this offer of admission was indicated in the letter you received from the department to which you applied to" but I have not received any letter other than the one on the portal. Any insight is very much appreciated! And again, thank you for all the support ya'll!
  4. Hi! I did for some! Some schools asked "Why are you interested in this program and particularly why this school" and that is when I would mention a specific professor in whose research and interests aligned with mine. However, if some schools didn't ask why then I would just stick to the prompt.
  5. I just heard back from CSUF and got invited for an interview! Check your emails ya'll!
  6. Yayyyy! Congratulation! ? I just checked and received provisional acceptance as well!
  7. Hi! I had my interview for UPenn on February 9 and I was offered admission on February 15. Wishing you the best of luck!!!
  8. It's called: "California Schools of Social Work MSW Applicant Support Group"! It's a really great page and everyone on there is super supportive.
  9. I saw some people started hearing back from CSULA! It was posted on this Facebook group called "California Schools of Social MSW Applicant Support Group" if anyone is interested. Everyone is super supportive on there.
  10. I haven't heard back anything from UC Berkeley either
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