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  1. My friend with last name starining in Z has just received the rejection...
  2. I remembered that Paula England said the cohort be around 6 earlier on her Twitter.
  3. My friend and I both got interviewed and have not heard from them... I guess maybe they may have something to tell us later this week?
  4. Did everyone applying to Stanford get the result??? I am pretty sure my email works fine but I have not heard from them yet... Do they send out rejections in multiple waves?
  5. Anyone claiming UCSD acceptance? It seems that they tend to send out all the offers on the same day. I did not receive any email today so I am assuming I would be rejected...
  6. Was admitted by UCLA early this week. The committee member then told me that admission was divided into batches and my application was in the last batch. So I guess that rejections are releasing soon?
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