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  1. Pretty much the same situation. Did you end up hearing back?
  2. Hii, has any international applicant heard back from UMich BME? I saw a few people getting invites to interview weekend but they probably aren't internationals but idk for sure. I had previously reached out to a potential supervisor (my undergraduate advisor had also reached out to him about me since they have previously worked together) before applying and he had said that he would be happy to talk to me about joining his lab if I get admitted to the PhD program and that he doesn't make the decisions to admit students into the program. I'm getting a bit anxious about the radio silence si
  3. Has any international student heard back from UMich BME? Have they started inviting international student for interviews? I did see a couple of invites here on gradcafe for the feb 11-12 interview weekend but idk if any of them were internationals...
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