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  1. Is anyone else's portal appearing empty? Where it used to state that I was an alternate is now blank. Tried it on three different browsers.
  2. To those that were finalists in 2020 and applied again for 2021, did you choose not to attend your program or were you unable to due to Boren Awards telling you you couldn't go?
  3. I heard back as well - alternate
  4. I'm waiting on a tweet like this today, if I don't see it by like 3PM I assume it won't be today
  5. Ahaha good point, fingers crossed!
  6. Okay, here are the announcement dates since 2015 I think: 2015: Tuesday April 21, 2015 2016: Monday April 18, 2016 2017: Monday April 17, 2017 2018: Sometime during the third week of April 16-20th 2019: Monday April 15, 2019 2020: Wednesday April 15, 2020
  7. It's probably going to come out this Friday (afternoon-evening probably) or next Monday. I don't think they would release it on a Thursday.
  8. Patience is key! I am sure we will get good news soon. In the meanwhile, the NSEP Annual Report for 2020 was released a couple of weeks ago. Worth taking a look at, maybe that will help us during this wait!
  9. I'd think this only marginally effected applicants. In 2015, NSEP reported that there were 1,135 applications, and 271 awarded (Scholar/Fellow). That was while Obama was under office, and I am sure many thought Clinton was going to be in office. Compared to 2018, its very similar numbers. Plus, certainly most Boren applicants would have been wise enough to realize that Trump was going to be a one termer (and even if two - still not much time for someone who is looking for a career in public service).
  10. I am not really sure. On the global stage, 2019 did have a lot of protests, political turmoil, and Brexit happened. We also did know about COVID in December, but it was "just" in China. Trump was also impeached around that time wasn't he? So there is a chance that dismayed many on applying by Jan/Feb.
  11. I believe this trend upwards was due to a lesser amount of applications (1000+ in 2018 compared to only 784 in 2020). I think we will see this continue, due to COVID. While Ivy-league colleges in the US have seem record amounts of applications, that's mainly an isolated incident due to them dropping required test scores... undergraduate enrollment as a whole in 2020 actually fell by a couple percent. I can't imagine many students would be willing to travel right now, let alone live in a foreign country in these uncertain times.
  12. Of course! You bring up a good question. I tried searching for that stat, but the applications by language is not available, just overall. In 2018, Scholars had a 25% Acceptance Rate and Fellows had a 34% Acceptance Rate.
  13. Okay, I am spamming this thread, but I was wondering, last year there was roughly 1000 applicants if I recall correctly. Do you all think we will see a drop in applicants this cycle due to COVID19? I am sure that many students do not want to travel in the current climate. **Nevermind, saw this above!
  14. Here are some quick stats:
  15. Hello all, I applied for the Boren Scholarship (Russian, Latvia). I saw that you all had some unofficial stats around and thought that this would help. It is the 2018 Official Report from the NSEP (I think there is one from 2019 as well), and if you search for Boren, you will see all of the official stats regarding demographics, acceptance rates, university names, top 5 languages, etc.
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