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  1. I dont see anything different - I was looking to see if there would be any review comments
  2. Just got the email - I was one out of 60 provisional awardees
  3. I really hope today is the day. Already got two rejections on Friday. Not super optimistic about this one.
  4. Has anyone heard anything? Kind of tempted to email them for an update. Do rejects know before they send out the acceptance emails?
  5. I'm in a similar situation - one loved it, one hated it, and I'm pretty sure the third didn't read it 😂
  6. I would! Congratulations!
  7. Also got declined, with a score of 3.33 At least there is time to resubmit!
  8. It's 2:30 EST - every time I get an email notification my heart jumps
  9. Mine was just updated again in the last hour (it was last updated on April 3). Don't know if that's a good or bad sign....
  10. Based on previous years, we should know by the end of today (usually released on Tuesday or Wednesday of the second week in April). Don't know if it will be delayed this year because of Covid though....
  11. @zkasim2 Why does a transcript request put applicants in the lower tiers? Did you hear this from some source? I also had a transcript request - I was told that all finalists were asked for transcripts. I am hoping the decision is released sooner rather than later, the waiting is killing me....
  12. I've heard that rejection letters were sent out - I wish I knew the chances of getting selected out of the finalist pool... Trying not to get too excited 😅
  13. SSRC IDRF application round 2021 (figured I'd make a new one since we only have 2020.....)
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