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  1. Ha! I feel you on that. Although, I am trying to get as much writing done as I can before the potentially bad news arrives!
  2. Nothing here...I'm guessing Friday at this point? Or even the following Monday?
  3. Congratulations! I also got a transcript request and "finalist status." I assume everyone who gets the request has that status? The evaluation steps are listed on the IDRF website faq.
  4. Congratulations, MtrlHstryGrl!
  5. I'm sorry to hear that, Kochan. Best of luck with the Japan Foundation! Sounds likely you will get it.
  6. Sadly, I got my rejection letter from Fulbright iie (research) today. I was a bit surprised as I put together a stronger application this year and was an alternate for Fulbright and SSRC IDRF last year. Bummed. And, it came fast.
  7. I had a transcript request some time ago, but after looking through some old threads that this means less than, say, becoming a Fulbright semifinalist. Mostly posting here to spur activity. So, anyone heard anything?
  8. First acceptance this year: Chicago! Congratulations to all the other admits and wishing acceptance for everyone else at good programs!
  9. Just thought I would chime in and express my anxiety here. I got my first rejection (Northwestern). I had an interview, but the fit was not quite there. Still, got a nice followup email from the POI stating that there were no early modernists accepted in my sub-field this year. I cast a fairly wide net, but all the programs are competitive. At this point, I just want my current school to offer me admission and funding for the MA to PhD track so I can stop stressing. Even that is not guaranteed, so I have been checking email compulsively for a week now. It's quite distracting and eats into my t
  10. Off the top of my head: UCB, UCLA, USC. There are others, but I am not sure about modern, so I left them out. You can also check rankings of schools and then see what they offer on their dept sites. Best of luck!
  11. Hi DCGuy and all you Historians. Congratulations on your acceptances. For those of you who didn't make it in: don't give up! I was finally able to make the jump from Asian Studies to History (third times the charm?). Very happy to be heading to UO for a MA with a Graduate teaching fellowship. Not much changed in my application, aside from making my SOP intro more personal and less academic. I was also able to get more applications out (12) thanks to some financial prudence. So, I mainly chalk it up to tenacity. Of course, I will have to do it all again in a year and a half...But, I think
  12. The Journal of East Asian Studies is good.
  13. So, would most people here say that Evernote is the best for archiving, references, etc? It seems like there are a lot of similar programs out there. I mainly want something that I can save quotes, articles, etc...and hopefully be able to easily do citations/references. Thanks! Edit: Oops, maybe I am looking for something more like Endnote? Does Evernote do the same things as Endnote plus more?
  14. So, you are also dating my GF??? My god, I have never met a more disagreeable person in my life. I would give specifics, but you would not believe them! Actually, it is pretty much in deal breaker status. I can't imagine having this crazy woman around (or staying at my home for a month) when I have a kid. The strange thing is, it's the first time I ever had a SO's parent not just love me to death.
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