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  1. What type of writing samples did you submit?

    I submitted an edited portion of a research paper I wrote for a graduate seminar. The program I accepted never mentioned it. I suppose it was sufficient.
  2. Where will you be going this Fall?

    Congrats. That's exciting, awesome all the way around. Best of luck.
  3. Fall 2016 Applicants

    Take School A.
  4. UCLA PhD or Harvard MA?

  5. I second this, as it is my experience as well.
  6. Fall 2016 Applicants

    That's a good attitude to have; best of luck!
  7. Fall 2016 Applicants

    For the cost, you could buy a nice car or some real estate, or stocks, or a trip around the world.
  8. Fall 2016 Applicants

    I second this. When you've made your decision, promptly and professionally notify the other programs. They aren't going to harbor some irrational resentment--it is the nature of the business.
  9. Fall 2016 Applicants

    Yes, go ahead.
  10. UCLA PhD or Harvard MA?

    Go to UCLA and never look back.
  11. Fall 2016 Applicants

    Thank you! I apologise if I seem ungrateful it's just that I am not from the States and not that many people are aware of NU's prestige and reputation, and since I am open to working anywhere in the world that has played on my mind for a bit. Why did you take the time to apply and spend the money on the application? Surely at some point you really wanted to attend NU. You can always consider the advice of those around you, and, of course, random internet strangers, but decide based on where you want to be in the future. As you say, you're open to working anywhere in the world, so NU is a good place to begin your adventures.
  12. Fall 2016 Applicants

    ^^This What are your other options? Waiting on Chicago and UNC? If you got in those places, sure you'd have options. Other than that, you are looking at turning down an offer from Northwestern and rolling the dice on next year. If you're wanting to complete a PhD, it might be in your interest to take the offer from NW. Otherwise, what happens? You try for an even more elite program next year and face rejection again. You can always start at NW and apply at a more elite program, if you truly want to be at a school with international cachet. I don't advise that, but it happens.
  13. Fall 2016 Applicants

    Yeah, it looks quite nice.
  14. Fall 2016 Applicants

  15. Fall 2016 Applicants

    That's fantastic. Congratulations!