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  1. I will be attending Northwestern!
  2. I have declined: Rutgers
  3. Unsolicited W&M comment from someone who declined: they have a great program and some awesome people, but to me it was a very niche fit. I'm not interested in early American, so the program just doesn't work for me even though they have some really great faculty. Also, the cohort this year is so small (6-8).
  4. I have also declined: University of North Carolina-Greensboro, MA And I sent the letter today to decline: The College of William & Mary, PhD
  5. I have officially declined: University of Delaware, PhD University of North Carolina-Charlotte, MA
  6. If it will help I'll also post once I notify the respective schools
  7. I got an acceptance from Rutgers about a week ago from DGS as well as a letter in the mail. Not sure if they're finished or not though.
  8. I know this question has probably been asked multiple times, but what's more important fit or rank?
  9. Hi. I got an email from the DGS for History that I had been recommended for admission along with funding info and their invitation weekend. It said the formal admissions letters for the university would be coming "next week or so." Hope that helps!
  10. From any school in particular? I heard from Northwestern on a Saturday (website), the graduate coordinator (Monday), and my POI (Wednesday). And from W&M, I got a call from the graduate coordinator the week before I received an email from my POI. So I wouldn't lose hope just yet.
  11. Congrats to the Michigan, Yale, and Princeton admits!!!! (Also, any other schools I forgot to mention). Turns out my school's email server is down, so I guess it's a good thing I wasn't expecting to hear from any grad school today.
  12. Did anyone apply to Rutgers? If so, have you heard anything.
  13. @emiliajulia: I've already bought one ticket. I know it's early, but the ticket was ridiculously cheap. I'm giving precedence to whoever contacts me first, but that works for me because i'm not actually supposed to hear from one school until after my invitation weekends anyway. I do have one on 2/27 though and the price is already climbing. If the school is a top choice I'd recommend booking. If you're not sure about it then you could wait. Or by airline insurance?
  14. I'm not sure which schools' recruitments you're going to. The two I have gave me a set amount they're willing to reimburse. For ex: Northwestern is $300 for travel expenses and they provide lodging. However, they also have a skype option, so maybe see if your school will do that?
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