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  1. This is really great advice. Texas A&M has a great professor who is somewhat well-known in the field, but she is not the most famous and she is the only one I would be working with since Southeast Asian history is such a small field... I will take this into consideration when deciding. Thanks so much for your examples!
  2. This is great advice. Thank you! I have some rethinking to do ...
  3. I'm looking to work at a UC or Cal State school. I went to UC for my undergrad and a CSU for my Master's. Texas A&M just doesn't seem respectable in California and I'm afraid that committing to the program might mean relocating to Texas for good. Although, my field of Southeast Asian history is rare and I'm not sure if that would hurt or help me. It could mean that there are hardly, if any, job openings or I would have to convince universities that they need to open up a field for Southeast Asia. How plausible is the second option?
  4. How difficult would it be to attain a job in academia with a PhD from Texas A&M in the field of history? How about outside of academia? My specialization is Vietnam War/Southeast Asian history and foreign affairs. I was just wondering if universities looking to hire would brush it off, especially if I want to look for jobs in California (where I'm from). I assume Ivy League and top California schools would look more appealing than a degree from TAMU.
  5. Thank you so much everyone for your kind advice. It's somewhat comforting to know that there are others who have gone through this. I wish everyone the best of success!
  6. I have been rejected from every single program I've applied for. Strong language skills, publications, conferences, and high gpa and test scores. I will work harder on my research paper and SOP next year. But until then, can anyone suggest what I should do in the interim? I don't have a job and I don't know what I can do with a masters in history for just one year.
  7. Does anyone know if Cornell has finished with their acceptances?
  8. It's good to know I am not alone. Even in this bleak situation I am trying to stay positive. I really hope you get into at least one school. It would be nice to feel wanted by someone, somewhere.
  9. For anyone still waiting on UCLA: Check the website below. I randomly checked just now and I got rejected. So sad since this was my top choice and so far I have gotten rejected from 4 out of 6 schools. I wish everyone else luck. https://appstatus.grad.ucla.edu/account/login.aspx
  10. Congrats to the UCLA admit! That is just the sort of miracle I am hoping for myself at this point. Did your POI mention when official decisions will be sent out?
  11. Just go a rejection email from University of Washington. Why didn't they reject me last week along with everyone else? It gave me false hope haha. But congrats to all who got admitted!
  12. I was an undergrad at Davis. I hope you're enjoying it. I would go back in a heartbeat if only they had my field of study.
  13. Any word about UCLA or University of Washington?!? I hate to be annoying but it's seriously killin me! Maybe I should start a new thread to whine about the wait time
  14. Did you get accepted? I haven't heard from them and my status still hasn't changed. I guess I can safely assume a rejection at this point.
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