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  1. Hi all, I know a lot of people accept multiple offers while they decide which school they want to go to ... on my acceptance letter for MT at OISE the admission deposit was not due until June 1st. So I think there is a strong possibility that people will be accepted following that date, as some people may decide to go with another school instead. I hope you guys hear back soon, and good luck!
  2. I also know someone who applied after November 16th and they heard back the same day as me (February 12).
  3. I ended up following up with admissions about it and they told me it was a glitch in their system appearing for all applicants and that the deposit should only appear on ACORN after you have submitted a confirmation form for the program and formally been given an Offer of Admission. I'm not sure how accurate that is but it sucks because I definitely got my hopes up a bit
  4. Hey! I also applied to the MT. I applied before Nov 16 and I applied to all three strands but my preference is J/I. I'm currently in my fourth year, my GPA for third year was 3.85 but my overall GPA is a 3.2. I have 4000+ hours in paid/volunteer experience (camp, basketball coach, classroom volunteer, lunch monitor, etc). I also thought that acceptances wouldn't be released until March, but I'm currently a UofT student and when I went onto Acorn under my finances section I had 3 outstanding admission deposits for MT (P/J, J/I, I/S). When I click it on it says to accept admissions of
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