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  1. OISE MT CLASS OF 2023 GROUP CHAT Hello friends! Congratulations to those who have been accepted! Here is the link for the class of 2023 For those waiting, YOU GOT THIS!! Feel free to join when you hear back the good news ❤️ https://www.facebook.com/groups/265100738545461/
  2. Doesn't hurt to try! And I did not! I emailed all 4 schools I applied to and 3/4 basically said they don't care LOL and that they won't take it into consideration. And oise just never responded but it's a possibility they looked at it? Not sure! I think it doesn't hurt to try!
  3. Hi friend! Thank you! Stream: PJ Gpa: Im currently in 4th year so I applied with my 3rd year marks which was a B-average. But I emailed admissions my updated transcript in January for my last semester because I had an A-average. I'm not sure if they took it into consideration though. Experience: 1800+ hours with classroom experience. However I was told that oise accepts students based on 50% gpa and 50% exp + letter of intent. The letter of intent is so so important and if you have a super strong letter and talk about uoft/oise's values and include them into your own values - they love that stuff. Hope that answers all your questions!!
  4. Same deadline! I accepted a little while ago though
  5. I understand the frustration. Not sure if this is a coincidence but I know several other people who got acceptances on a Friday afternoon. Could just be a coincidence but maybe tomorrow!?? If you haven't been rejected, keep your head up!!!!
  6. My friend applied mid Jan and heard back mid Feb! Not sure how she got a response so quick but yeah!
  7. I read someone got their acceptance Friday at 330 and that's when I got mine too! Not sure if it's just a coincidence though
  8. Hey guys! Does anyone know how many people OISE MT accepts per year? I saw somewhere they only accept 60 people but idk if that's true.
  9. Wow! I've heard stories of people getting off the waitlist and it means you're not rejected and still in consideration! Best of luck '
  10. Did you get an email saying you're waitlisted??
  11. I can't access acorn so I guess I'll just wait for an email
  12. Thats amazing!! What time did you get the email?
  13. Congrats! Can I ask your avg and exp!? I'm still waiting to hear back for pj
  14. Sorry to stress you but yeah same. I don't believe a word the admissions office says anymore LOL they told me they won't release acceptances until March when they had already released some. So idk
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