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  1. Hey! I'm hoping to apply to SLP masters programs for Fall 2022. Would anyone know how it looks to upgrade a few courses? I did my undergrad at UofT and just graduated. There are 3 courses in my sGPA where I got a B-, B and B+, however I feel that I can do much better in those courses this time around as I was going through some personal things at the time. How do they calculate upgraded courses into your sGPA?
  2. That's awesome! Hahaha yeah let the waiting continue ? at least we know we have a chance now! ??
  3. I just received my email!!! I was waitlisted for P/J. Honestly just so happy to finally know ?
  4. Yes!! Thank you for the encouragement. ☺️ I don't want to sound rude to those who applied late, still happy for all, just getting very impatient myself ?
  5. Congrats, waitlist is better than nothing!! I know.. it seems ridiculous that they are still taking applications. But it's also really starting to frustrate me that they are getting back to people who applied so late when I applied in November and haven't heard anything.... I really don't get it.
  6. Hahah uh seriously.. Keeping my fingers crossed for us!!
  7. Congrats to everyone getting accepted!! I emailed them and they said they are still reviewing my application... hope i get an answer soon.
  8. I didn't apply for I/S but I am still under review for PJ! I was wondering the same thing.. it really seems we are some of the last ones to get an answer... and I applied on November 15th ?
  9. Yes, sorry my last message was a bit unclear. I don't mean easier to teach but easier to get a teaching job in PJ if you've done JI rather than doing PJ and then wanting to teach at the JI level. Because for PJ you don't have any teachables, so doing JI and getting the teachable qualifications out of the way while doing the Masters is easier than doing PJ and then having to do teachable qualifications later on.
  10. I agree with this, I would also add that it is most likely easier to teach P/J if you did J/I than it would to teach J/I if you go for P/J! But that's just an assumption so I could be wrong!
  11. Ahh okay! I hope mine comes in soon... That's better than a rejection, so that's great, I hope you'll get in off the waitlist!! ☺️
  12. No Still waiting.. really starting to get to me, I just want to know either way!
  13. I applied Nov. 16, not got I/S but P/J and am still under review
  14. Mine is still under review too. I didn't apply to I/S though, PJ is my first choice that i'm still waiting to hear about.
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