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  1. Hey! I believe its sometime in June, I'll have to double check!
  2. In my third year I had a mid A average (86%) and in my final year I have a 3.98 gpa average. I also have over 8000 hours of volunteer and work as a teachers assistant, tutor, camp councillor etc. I really hope they look at the applications soon,, I'm getting so worried. I also need to know what is happening to know if I should pay the security deposit for York It's so weird how they still didn't tell a lot of us anything meanwhile on their website it states they will let us know by end of March. I applied before the deadline... where is my decision
  3. Honestly, this is getting so frustrating!
  4. Does anyone know if they tell you whether you got rejected from the program or not? I didn't hear anything yet and I just feel like at this point they don't let people know whether they got rejected, they just don't let them know anything.
  5. Same here! I was also wondering if anyone received anything recently?
  6. So I originally also didn't have a UofT account (also a ryerson student) but I emailed the OISE admissions requesting my JOINid information. Then they gave me the info with a link to set up my U of T account so I can access ACORN. If you google how to get a JOINid on U of T OISE website it should give you info, thats how I was able to find out.
  7. I also applied on Nov 16 and am still waiting. Starting to lose a bit of hope ngl
  8. Did anyone get any decisions this week?
  9. hey, congrats! May I ask when did you submit your application, and what is your Gpa and experience like?
  10. Hey, congrats! May I ask when you submitted your application?
  11. Yeah I completely agree! It's so hard not to freak out lol
  12. yeah honestly this whole process is super stressful. I don't understand how the admissions office works but their process makes zero sense to me
  13. Ummm thats really odd... I don't really know why that is. That's kind of stressing me out ngl
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