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  1. FINALLY got an answer from BC - it was a rejection but dear me what a LONG PROCESS! Not sure what their deal was but I did the interview back in mid-January and they told me they would give me an answer no later than early early Feb. Really surprised - luckily I have accepted an offer at elsewhere in history of religions. Really excited about it since the faculty is wonderful and they are really doing great thing.
  2. Any info on BC? I havent heard anything for a while - I had an interview but no news.
  3. Thanks! Same to you too. All the best!
  4. Rejection letter from BU theology. This was my top choice. Who knows what they want? I have held 3 research positions experience, I have a MA and MDIV, fluent in Spanish/french and various academic articles/reviews. I am definitely bummed, but happy for those that got in or waitlisted. Congrats!
  5. Wonderful! I will check that out now!
  6. Hello! I was accepted to two programs so far and the package is widely different. Like by 12 k? What would be the median package? I guess I am not sure what to look for. Thanks!
  7. Got a rejection letter 2 weeks ago from Union but just uploading it now. Not really suprised - was hoping to have it as a back up. There wasnt a good POI for my project so it was a long shot. Hope for all those who are waiting!
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