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  1. Hey, I just wondered whether you know anything about driving in LA. Mainly about getting a California license as an international and whether it's necessary if I have a license from my home country?
  2. I'd maybe contact your dept... they should know more... It does seem quite late though :/
  3. I found UCLA very enthusiastic and welcoming too (NELC in my case though) Certainly made it easier to make up my mind!
  4. Thanks! It might be worth dropping them an email just to check what your status is though?
  5. Sorry forgot to post. I received an offer from UCLA NELC. Had an admitted students' day on Monday... I wonder if this means that you've been waitlisted?
  6. Congrats! Have you started thinking about accommodation etc? There's so much to think about lol bank accounts, sim cards, visa... the list goes on 😮
  7. Hi all, New to this, but just thought I'd start a thread for anyone starting at UCLA in 2021. I'll be joining the PhD programme in Islamic Studies. Very excited and nervous about coming from the UK too! Anyone else starting at UCLA this fall?
  8. Fingers crossed! Lemme know if you hear anything Can she give them a nudge to hurry up? haha
  9. Islamic Studies! You? Judging by previous years some results usually go out around this time, but who knows what's going on this year
  10. I've also applied to UCLA... the wait is unbearable... I emailed a couple of weeks ago and they said decisions should be coming out soon... but not sure what "soon" means :/
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