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  1. BIOPHAM just released their results! Again, unfortunately for me, I didn't get in haha. They were, however, kind enough to provide me a relatively personalized rejection email that indicated my performance throughout the selection process. Some points for improvement for me in the future!
  2. Soooo as if the world got tired of my anxiety, the admissions committee emailed me earlier this morning to inform me I was in the reserve list. I just asked them how far down I am into the list so I can gauge my chances of getting into the main list. Having read the email, I kinda lost hope of getting into any programs this year hahah I'm still waiting for the results of another program but my expectations are quite low already. Again, good luck to the other people waiting for their results!
  3. Hi! By any chance, have there been people here who were emailed by CNE (Chemical Nanoengineering)? The last communication I got was last Sunday, saying that they'll be sending out feedbacks this week. The wait's killing me
  4. Hi! I applied for NANOMED here, but got rejected (wasn't considered for the interview). Heard from a labmate of mine that applied for this year's intake as well that the selection committee was looking for someone with a biochemistry background.
  5. NANOMED results for those eligible to go to Step 2 (Interviews) came in today. Unfortunately, I was not among those people haha. Good luck to who got accepted!
  6. An update: I received an e-mail earlier from the selection committee of CNE. They said that they'll be beginning to sift through the applications this week and they aim to release the lists of accepted, waitlisted, and rejected by March 20th. More waiting for those of us applying to the program!
  7. Hi there! I'm applying for NANOMED, CNE, and BIOPHAM. Among the three, I'm currently waiting for the results on the first two as the scholarship application for BIOPHAM has not closed yet. I am especially feeling anxious about NANOMED since I think they'll be informing applicants who'll move forward to the interview phase this coming week ("around February 22", they said in their e-mail). I've been checking the NANOMED application page roughly 4-5 times a day haha. Wishing all the best to the other people who are applying for the same programs as I!
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