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  1. Yeah, of course! I was dealing with more or less of the same since the beginning of March! I interviewed Feb 12th since then I’ve been trying to see the status of the program. Best of luck, stay strong.
  2. I was very fortunate to have a transparent relationship with them regarding this. It was agonizing waiting and almost committed elsewhere. Email the PIs this is part of their job as a professor.
  3. I think a lot of schools are dealing with issues with funding, causing PIs to also be kept in limbo. I got admitted this past Monday to my top choice. I thought I wasn’t going to get accepted considering the deadline is next week. I am extremely happy I waited it out. Don’t lose hope
  4. Heard back from them the week following the interview.
  5. Anyone have news for Virginia Commonwealth’s Counseling Psych program?
  6. Hi Everyone. Does anyone have news for Virginia Commonwealth Counseling psych PhD?
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