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  1. Hiii YEEEES IM FREAKING OUT !!!! I got an interview for the CalArts Art + Tech MFA and I'm so damn nervous. Could you share some of your experience/ some of the questions they asked you. That would be incredibly helpful
  2. yes please could you elaborate. I am also pretty confused by this question? What does it mean?
  3. Hii, could you share some of your interview expierence with CalArts. I got an invitation for an interview from them last week and im soooo nervous. Have no idea what to expect ...
  4. happy to hear! I just read you got accepted to the CalArts Art+Tech MFA without interview ! Thats amazing !! They invited me to an interview (next week) Maybe you could share some details / questions that were asked during your SAIC interview. Im so nervous for the CalArts interview and it would be great to hear about your expierience
  5. Hi! I got invited for an interview for the Art + Tech MFA. I'm so damn nervous. Does anyone have any tips or/and clues how I can prepare myself for it? I would be also interesting to know how interviews at American Universities work in general (I'm European) Thank you so much xx
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